BRN Memory foam saddle

€. 31,00

Double Contact It has been designed for cyclists and touring cyclists who have many kilometres in their legs, but demand comfort and complicity from their saddle. Thanks to its design, the soft parts of the pelvis are not stressed, while the support of the ischial bones is located in the two zones of maximum comfort, making the pedalling experience unique and pleasant. The line includes a Unisex version (Code SE351), a Men’s version (Code SE351U), a Women’s version (SE351D) and a Sport version, with even more technical ergonomics (SE351S).


MEMORY FOAM is a thermosensitive visco/elastic material that has the peculiarity of keeping its shape in memory and adapting perfectly to the body shape. This material has the ability to distribute pressure evenly, reduce compression and relieve muscle tension. MEMORY FOAM is usually combined with layers of other materials (usually polyurethane) to improve the comfort of the saddle.


The shell is made of two materials with different elastic structural properties (Nylon and Polyurethane), which stiffen the base, where the stress is greatest, making it more elastic and comfortable at the pressure points of the seat.


Two elastomers made with a cutting-edge technology able to enclose thousands of air bubbles inside the thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) structure, which help to absorb stress without stressing the body.


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